Webinar: Advanced Flood Investigation

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Following a hurricane or other severe storm event, adjusters often need to separate flood damage from wind damage. Second in our flood series, this advanced course will cover how flood and wind affect a structure, teach you to differentiate flood and wind damage where there is both, and explore what you should expect from an engineer’s report and how to interpret the findings.

About John Miller, P.E.

John Miller joined Donan in 2009 and currently serves as a forensic engineer and principal consultant based out of the firm’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. He has 32 years of engineering experience and has completed approximately 1,900 forensic investigations. Mr. Miller has worked in the following industries: bridge design and inspection, bridge and highway structure inspection, highway design, and home construction and remodeling. His area of expertise is structural damage from impact, wind, and flood. Mr. Miller’s project capabilities also include a wide range of civil and structural investigations, including hail damage, foundation damage, and the causes of water intrusion.

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Basic Flood

Flooding can have a significant impact on the insurance industry. First in our flood series, this course will explain how a flood affects a structure, teach you to recognize damage caused by floods, and provide you the knowledge necessary to differentiate flood damage from other causes in order to properly assess claims.

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Nature vs. Structure: Flooding Beyond Direct Structural Damage

2020 was a record year for hurricane events, which caused flooding throughout impacted areas. The forces associated with a flood event can be destructive but causes of structural damage from flooding often extends deeper than these direct forces. Learn about the different types of flood damage and how to address repairs.

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Sump Pumps: Sewer Backups versus Flood

Improper installation of sewage and sump pumps can lead to costly clean up and repair. This course will review the general workings of these pumps, conducting an effective failure analysis, the basis of flooding and how floodwater enters a structure, and how to decipher between floodwater and sewer backflow.

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